The Neighborhood of Umatilla Hill
On the top of Umatilla Hill, there are 13 single-family sites. Each enjoys water and mountain views. They have proven absolutely perfect for custom home designs.

Lots 1, 2, and 3 border open space to the north. The parcel of land to the north of The Neighborhood of Umatilla Hill is the remains of the 30th Street right-of-way. It is owned by the City of Port Townsend and designated as a non-motorized connector. On it is a developed trail and storm water bio-swale.

This trail ties into the City's non-motorized trail system. North of the right-of-way, continuing down to Umatilla Street, is also city owned property. The parcel catches storm water run-off. It is listed in the city parks and recreation plan as a potential park.

A view of Mt. Baker

Check out the above view of Mt. Baker. . .

Below, looking to the east, is a view of the water.

Water view, too!

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The neighbor's barn

Isn't this a pastoral setting?


NOTE: Regarding the City's land to the north. . .the City of Port Townsend states it has no plan to sell off any of its property. However, as is the case with all cities, the City of Port Townsend can make no guarantees as to the ultimate use or ownership of any property it owns — including its major parks, such as Chetzemoka, Cherry Street and Kai Tai Lagoon. Historically, the City has not sold any park property and it is highly unlikely that its city council would ever consider surplusing this property north of our neighborhood.


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