The Neighborhood of Umatilla Hill


This home is located on a quiet lot in Port Townsend, not in one of the cottage developments.


Tower with a view


Most of Kimball & Landis' projects are wonderfully creative — and unique to the needs and desires of the homes' owners. Of course, they also build more traditional homes, as well.

Kimball & Landis is developing
a new neighborhood,
Spring Valley Cottages

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Whether it's a tower, designed to take in the view, or a woodland retreat, Kimball & Landis work closely with the owner to ensure the finished project is indeed a dream come true.

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A woodland retreat
  More than a deck! Quite honestly, it's hard not to be creative when you work on projects with views such as this one.
  Our attention to detail ensures a quality finished product.
Fine cabinetry



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