The Neighborhood at Umatilla Hill

Our Neighborhood Album
While all of the homes in this project are sold, Kimball & Landis is
developing a new neighborhood. . .Spring Valley Cottages.

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Grass is growing!
Colorful homes
Janie cottages
Egg and I
Inside the commons
Commons Building
View from above
Don't you love the bookcases!
Fine details
Dutch door welcomes
Comfy kitchen
Sleep under the stars
It's all an illusion
Dining area
Efficient kitchen
Just you and a book
Built-in bookcases
A peaceful perch
Interior French doors allow light
Skylights allow sunshine
Elegance in a stairwell
Front porches for all
It's in the details
Access protected from weather
Commons to be shared by all
Well insulated homes
Efficient kitchen
Creative storage
Cherry floors
Efficient kitchen design
Elwha landscaped
Skylight in stairwell
Deep window sill
Egg & I
Fine kitchen cabinetry
Egg & I
Interesting architectural details
Non-motorized path to the north
View of Mount Baker

For a slide show of some of the earlier images, roll your mouse over one of the links below. The little windows will stack on top of each other, if you launch another without first closing the one you're watching. You can also open them all and position each so you can view multiple windows. Enjoy!

Take a tour of the property.
Tour the Egg & I.
Tour the Elwha.

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